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Jules Bazley o affiliate velkých retailerů v UK


Na 10. Affiliate konferenci vystoupí i zahraniční řečník Jules Bazley, který v CJ Affiliate by Conversant v UK zastává pozici Vice President for Business Development. Přednášet bude o stavu affiliate v zahraničí a ukáže na příkladu velkých retailerů. Přednáška bude probíhat v anglickém jazyce. Níže si můžete přečíst představení a menší ochutnávku toho, na co se můžete těšit už 4.4.2017 na Affiliate konferenci.

How long have you been working in CJ.com and how your previous experiences helped you with your current position?

I have been working for CJ Affiliate for around 18 months, but my career in affiliate marketing started in 2002 when I joined a new UK based network to build and head up a sales team.
Over the last 15 years, I have been fortunate enough to work for networks in the UK and the US. I have worked client-side for one of the UKs largest sports and fitness retailers and agency side, heading up the UK arm of a major German agency. With experience agency-, network- and client-side, as well as well as sales and client development experience, I have the benefit of a holistic view of the wider marketing mix. I find this is key when creating and driving affiliate marketing strategies for brands.

How is affiliate changing today and what are the trends for 2017?

Globally, CJ represent over 4,000 clients and generate sales for them from almost 200 countries. The main trend we are seeing in affiliate currently is the focus on global, or international expansion. But the affiliate space is continually evolving and innovating, and I don’t expect this to change any time soon. To the benefit of advertisers and publishers, networks are increasingly trying to differentiate themselves. In CJ’s case, there is an increasing focus on measurement and insights. In 2016, we launched Affiliate Customer Insights, the success of which has been phenomenal so far. But CJ’s product roadmap for 2017 takes this to another level. Working closely with our parent company, Conversant, this year will see the launch and development of three core technologies; cross device and cross channel, affiliate personalisation, and affiliate insights.

How do you work with the biggest retailers in UK?

Within the UK, CJ work with some of the largest, household brands. This includes Argos in the retail space and TUI in the travel space. But for each brand we work with, we adopt a unique strategy, tailored to align with their individual marketing and business objectives. It’s worth noting that some of our larger clients have been working with us for almost 15 years, testament to the results we help advertisers achieve globally through these custom strategies.

One of the biggest advantages of working with CJ is the global capability of the platform – one global platform, with one single login for example. Additionally, our advertiser development teams work incredibly closely with our publisher development teams around the world. This enables us to focus energy on revenue generating tasks that ad real value to brands, both in their domestic markets and internationally.

What are the biggest benefits of affiliate in your point of view?

There are a wide range of benefits of affiliate marketing that tend to speak for themselves. But as a pure performance channel, affiliates enable brands to generate revenue from a plethora of publishers, otherwise unavailable via other marketing channels such as programmatic. Additionally, the CPA model encourages innovation from publishers who embrace other marketing practices and work on a performance/commission basis. When enacted correctly, affiliates create an additional, high converting revenue stream for brands that can provide substantial revenue uplift.

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