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Server-to-server tracking will increase the performance of your affiliate campaigns


Internet marketing is one of the most dynamic forms of marketing in which drastic changes are currently taking place from the point of view of user privacy.

The measurement technology based on the storage of third-party cookies has almost ceased to function, and the efforts of various antiviruses, adblocks, Internet browser add-ons and browsers themselves such as Safari, Firefox and Chrome threaten and limit the functioning of even the previously accepted method of measuring conversions using first-party cookies.

The fight for user privacy therefore entails victims in the form of non-functioning or limitedly functioning marketing and, above all, affiliate campaigns.

Over the past year, VIVnetworks.com have fully devoted themselves to solving the problem and, together with our advertisers, are transitioning conversion measurement within affiliate campaigns to the most modern and accurate technology called server-to-server tracking.

Server-to-server, or server-side tracking or postback url, is a conversion measurement method using a unique identifier without the need to rely on the customer’s internet browser and cookies, and instead all activity takes place on the eshop server or the advertiser’s website.

While the success rate can vary between 75-90% with the classic measurement method dependent on cookies and the tracking pixel, with the server-to-server method the accuracy is at 99.9%.

Principles of measurement methods

3rd party cookie

The most used, oldest and least accurate measurement method consisted in the principle of storing cookies, small text files, in the customer’s browser after the user clicked on the affiliate link and went to the eshop. They are stored by a third party, usually the server of an affiliate network or other advertising technology.

When placing an order, the browser uses the tracking pixel to look into the cookies and if there is affiliate information, the commission shall be credited to the given partner.

Restrictions and limitations

In order to protect privacy, third-party cookies have started to be blocked. They are blocked by default by all ad blockers, but also in internet browser Firefox and in Safari, these cookies are only valid for 24 hours. The most widely used Chrome browser is gradually limiting third-party cookies and will also block them completely from January 2022.

The cookies themselves are then easy to delete using various add-ons for cleaning and speeding up the computer or within the internet browser.

Another limitation is the tracking pixel on the order page. Due to the internet connection, this pixel may not always be loaded before the customer closes the window, but it is primarily blocked by adblocks.

1st party cookies

An improvement of the previous method is a change in the storage of cookies. In the case of the first party, this is stored by the eshop server itself or the advertiser’s website. Internet browsers usually do not restrict cookies belonging to a given page.

Restrictions and limitations

The fundamental problem arises in the implementation. It is no longer possible to use the saving of cookies using javascript, but the saving must be triggered by the server itself, otherwise it will be deleted on all Apple devices.

In the case of cookies, the possibility of their easy deletion by the user or add-ons and the frequent blocking of the measuring pixel remains.


The principle of S2S tracking completely eliminates the influence of cookies and the customer’s browser.

When a customer clicks through an affiliate link and arrives at the e-shop, a unique click-through ID, the so-called CJEVENT, is added to the URL address of the website within the framework of CJ technology. The advertiser stores this ID on its server in order to be able to match it with a given customer.

Whenever the customer creates an order, the e-shop server sends information about the completion of the order using a measuring url, the so-called postback url.

The entire measurement process is independent of the current restrictions and limitations that apply to cookies and the measuring pixel.

Provided that the advertiser stores the click ID information on its own server and does not use first-party cookies as an alternative, and that the measuring url is called before the customer leaves the payment gateway or elsewhere from the e-shop, the measurement success rate is practically 100%.

What are the disadvantages of the server-to-server method?

For standard measurement with cookies, a simple iframe or javascript pixel is all you need, and thanks to Google Tag Manager, you can handle the entire deployment process literally in a few minutes.

In contrast, server-to-server is more technologically demanding and requires the participation of a programmer.

An alternative can be the server-side Google Tag Manager, where 3 instances are required for proper and secure functioning, which are charged by Google.

Despite the initial difficulty in deployment, there are clear benefits that will convince you to switch to this measurement method.

Benefits of server-to-server measurement

The most important and significant benefit is accuracy. Affiliate marketing is a performance channel and ideally you need 100% data for proper evaluation, analytics and optimization. It can only deliver server-to-server.

Looking ahead for years to come, there is no reason why server-to-server tracking should stop working and cripple your affiliate campaign. This cannot be said about methods based on cookies.

On the other hand, there are partners who promote you and help you sell more. They too will appreciate it if the system is close to 100% and they can be sure that all the sales they referred to will be recorded. Based on this, you will allow them to improve their projects more and they will be able to bring you more customers

Which advertisers already work on server-to-server tracking?

Very often, partners ask us what affiliate campaigns we already measure using this technology, as they prefer it and give those campaigns a higher priority.

We will therefore continuously update the list of already deployed and tested campaigns running on server-to-server tracking:

  • Actionzážitky.sk
  • Activacek.cz
  • BeLenka EUROPE
  • BeWooden.cz
  • Bighome.cz
  • Bighome.sk/hu
  • Biocarecosmetic CEE
  • Blue-style.cz
  • Bushman CZ SK EU
  • CSOB.sk
  • Dvere-erkado.cz
  • eZidle.cz
  • FatFix Europe
  • Firmanazazitky.cz
  • Footshop.cz
  • GANT.cz
  • GANT.sk
  • Gentlemanstore CZ-SK-PL
  • GrilyKrby
  • Gumi.hu
  • Gyogyszernelkul.com
  • Homeandcook.cz
  • Homein.cz
  • Hop-sport.cz
  • Hop-sport.sk
  • Iuvenio.com
  • KARE-shop.cz
  • KnihyDobrovsky.cz
  • LaVita-czech.cz
  • MentisLab.cz
  • Muziker.com
  • Nabytek-FORLIVING.cz
  • Parfemy-Elnino.cz
  • Parfemy-elnino.sk
  • Parfimo.bg
  • Parfimo.gr
  • Parfimo.hu
  • Parfimo.ro
  • Protrenink.cz
  • Reedog Europe
  • Roboticky-vysavac cz/sk
  • Rocky.hu
  • Scanquilt.cz
  • Supergamer CZ-HU/MP3.sk
  • Supersoused.cz
  • Telly.cz
  • Tescoma CZ-PL
  • Top-armyshop cz/sk
  • Unizdrav cz/sk/hu
  • Vitamino cz/sk
  • VUCH Eastern Europe
  • Yves-rocher.cz

Last updated on 3/22/2021

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