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Program de afiliere

D-sport Europe


Despre advertiser

After the fall of communism, one football player told himself that he will give people of Czech Republic the possibility to buy Nike and adidas sneakers. And he is doing that until this day. Only now he doesn’t have to wait hours on the border controls.

We sell sneakers and apparel for life and for sports from world brands that are in demand. We strive for perfection in our customer care and order process. Our communication is not formal and we like to make fun of things, but that doesn’t mean we are not professionals. We try to upgrade the company-customer relationship to person-person.

Program terms:

  • 13% commission (4% commission for discount items)
  • 45 days cookie
  • SEM is allowed except biding for brand.


  • S2S: NO
  • Universal tag: YES


Condițiile programului de afiliere

Comision : 4-13 % SEM:
lungimea cookies: 45 zile SEM pe marcă:
XML Feed: Portale de reducere :
S2S tracking: Portale cashback:
Creativitate proprie: Redirecționarea domeniu:


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