Retailers boost affiliate marketing sales on Black Friday 2019: almost 160 million CZK in revenue |
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Retailers boost affiliate marketing sales on Black Friday 2019: almost 160 million CZK in revenue


The pre-Christmas madness called Black Friday is slowly becoming a tradition in the Czech Republic, as well as online shopping in general. By using the right online marketing tools, retailers can significantly increase their revenue. One of these tools is affiliate marketing – and the results of this year’s Black Friday campaigns of the retailers in the largest affiliate network in Czech Republic and Slovakia, are in.

Affiliate marketing is a great support tool for your Black Friday campaigns. Over the last few years we have seen a constant overall annual growth in sales. This year affiliate customers bought 157,994,581 CZK worth of purchases, which is 10% more than the previous year. Just as last year, people made the most purchases on Friday and Sunday” says Robert Studeny, the COO of

It still stands that customers are shopping through the whole Black Friday week. The shopping frenzy peaks on Friday, but continues through Sunday, then moves smoothly to Cyber Monday, an international event allowing customers to catch up on shopping after Black Friday. This year's Cyber Monday holds third place in sales after Black Friday and the Sunday afterwards.  

Year-on-year comparison of the Black Friday week sales from VIVnetworks' affiliate network.


Beauty is the most popular category

According to the analyze, the categories with the most purchases were Beauty and Fashion, followed by Health and Wellness and Home and Garden. The most popular category in 2018 was and we can assume this trend will persist. Other top categories are Sport and Fitness, Books and Media and Family.

Black Friday has gradually evolved into an eight-day shopping spree, which retailers can easily encourage with the right marketing strategy and attract even more customers. The affiliate marketing campaigns, helping online retailers generate sales from many different sources, are very popular. It's worth it to prepare for the whole week before Black Friday, so you can utilize its full potential. VIVnetworks' affiliate managers will help you find the right strategy for your campaign.

A reliable partner for your Black Friday campaign

There are many reasons to choose for your Black Friday campaign. Due to the robust technology of, we can guarantee 100% reliability even during periods of high activity (Black Friday, Christmas, St.Valentine's day…). CJ's technology can endure maximum stress and the retailer doesn't need to worry about their program being deactivated and the subsequent losses.

The online retailers' revenue from Black Friday affiliate campaigns had an increase of 10% compared to the last year, showing an upward trend. The number of affiliate sales grew by 7%, and the overall increase of Black Friday sales exceeded 2018 by more than 4%. The online retailers can also utilize Cyber Monday, which follows Black Friday and is another important source of online sales. The purchases from the categories Beauty and Fashion continue to account for the biggest portion of sales. Many online retailers maximize the potential of Black Friday by planning affiliate campaigns throughout the week – analysis shows customers often don't wait till Black Friday and start shopping as early as Monday.

A local player with the world's best technology

If you decide to take advantage of the opportunities Black Friday provides and carefully plan your campaigns, it's just as important to choose an affiliate network that will provide high-quality support in campaign planning and execution and can ensure uninterrupted tracking and commissioning. successfully plays this role for the last ten years – we are the number one provider of affiliate marketing not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but in the whole of Central and Eastern Europe region.

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