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How to bring customers to your website and increase sales during Black Friday

EN Blog _ Jak přivést zákazníky na váš web a zvýšit prodeje během Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the most popular holidays of the year. In the Czech Republic, the tradition of Black Friday has become very popular, thanks to the growing trend of online shopping. CJ | VIVnetworks recorded 5 449 786 EUR turnover during the Black Friday weekend last year 2022. This turnover increased by 156% compared to the results of the long weekends in October and November. The average turnover for these weekends was 2 158 132 EUR.

This year, Black Friday falls on November 24th, and this is a great opportunity for partners to share informations about the best deals and discounts for their users.

Black Friday is also a key moment for e-shops (advertisers), who are actively involved and prepare their customers with interesting discounts on a variety of products. This way they encourage the customer to buy a discounted product on their e-shop.

Affiliate marketing can significantly help with this

One of the ways to increase sales during Black Friday is to use an affiliate program, which will help you attract new customers to your e-shop and thus increase the conversion rate. Thanks to affiliate marketing, you can intensify cooperation with partners such as review sites, bloggers, coupons websites with discounts, which will additionally increase your e-shop’s turnover. With affiliate marketing, you can also engage influencers, who will naturally bring more customers to your website, thanks to a personal connection with the community.


It is necessary to start preparing campaigns for BF at least at the beginning of October, because affiliate partners are also preparing their strategies and it is necessary that you provide them with the content you want to share at BF in advance. Everything can be communicated through your Affiliate manager, who is assigned to you in the network.

What needs to be done on the e-shop side to make it attractive both for the end user and for affiliate partners, so that both sides can increase conversions? We have some effective tips for you to achieve this:

Create a campaign with a Black Friday offer ahead of time

1. Objective and strategy on Black Friday

Before embarking on a BlackFriday campaign, you need to be clear about what your strategy will be and what you want to achieve during the BlackFriday days. There are more options, for example, to acquire new customers, strengthen your brand, sell out of stock, etc. It is important that you have a clear vision that will ensure your success. Examples of campaigns that are worth offering to affiliate partners not only on Black Friday:

  1. providing a coupon for free shipping
  2. providing exclusive discount coupons
  3. turnover bonuses
  4. providing goods for contests organized by affiliate partners
  5. bonus for a partner when subscribing customers to the newsletter or joining the loyalty program (you will enrich your database before Christmas and you can motivate new customers to buy again).

2. Who are your customers?

Target groups can be different. You can target your loyal customers, customers looking for discounts or even customers looking for gifts for Christmas. You must not forget what their preferences and their buying behavior are. Based on these criteria, you can easily determine exclusive promotional offers. Harness the power of email marketing and reach your customers in your database with personalized Black Friday offers. Create personalized, engaging content to announce your Black Friday deals. In the same way, you can reach out to other potential affiliate partners that you invite to cooperate in the newsletter. Partners approached in this way are your customers who have a positive experience with you and it is natural for them to help you with affiliate marketing.

3. What are you better at than the competition?

Answer the question, what makes you better than the competition? Is this your customer service? An exclusive discount or your product range? You can also participate in a responsible marketing campaign that takes the environment into account or you can create other charitable activities. We recommend sharing everything with your affiliate partners, who will help spread your mission further.

4. Website visualization and graphics

Use creatives such as images, gifs or videos for your Black Friday campaign in the highest quality. Don’t forget to optimize the graphics for mobile users as well. The more attractive your visuals are, the more likely you are to generate interest in your website. If you want your website to be displayed organically, don’t forget about image captions for SEO optimization.

5. Retargeting on Black Friday

Get back lost sales, remind yourself with retargeted ads and cart reminders to your potential customers who previously showed interest in your products but for some reason didn’t complete the purchase. We have a number of partners in our network who use retargeting for the benefit of the involved e-shop.

6. Actively communicate via social networks

Don’t forget to actively communicate with your community, run a Black Friday contest or an educational live stream about your products. Social networks are a great opportunity to communicate with your potential customers. Create interesting and engaging content that will link to your website on Black Friday. Create interesting commissions or incentives for influencers who identify with your products and help you promote the goods through the affiliate program on their social networks.

7. Apps

Run attractive offers in your app too! Don’t forget to join the app in the affiliate program, the partners will help you bring new customers to the app or help wake up the sleeping ones. Of course, app commissions may differ from website commissions.

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