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CJ prepared for advertisers the first collection of Competitive Benchmarking data

CJ prepared for advertisers, the first collection of Competitive Benchmarking data
Affiliate marketing can be described as one of the easiest ways to monetize traffic, but it is not the way to go which everyone benefits from. Everyone knows that everything has its pros and cons, affiliate marketing included. However, statistics from 2022 clearly show that this method of monetization is gaining popularity. Now you can be even more successful. CJ is launching the first on-demand Competitive Benchmarking suite, a data set that will bring much more to advertisers than ever before.

The Right Data is essencial for every advertiser

Data is very important because when you get the right data, it answers important questions, shapes strategy and brings new inspiring ideas. But what if you had data and information at your fingertips that could take your marketing even further?

What if the data you have access to can completely change your perspective? CJ announced the launch of one of its most revolutionary data solutions to date: Competitive Benchmarking, available on demand to all CJ advertisers.

Data that changes the view of Affiliate

CJ has long been uniquely positioned to provide such powerful benchmarking – with thousands of advertisers from all major verticals and over 100,000 active publishers, it gets high-quality data that no one else has. Now, CJ has got a great opportunity to pair this unique source of actionable data with an exceptionally great data team that thoroughly understands clients and their requirements. If you have a question, you will find the answer to it

The CJ Benchmarking solution can identify strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, threats and competitive advantages. This dynamic data provides answers to critical business questions that cannot be answered elsewhere. Check out some of the important questions you can get answered with Competitive Benchmarking:

  • Advertiser: How does my e-shop compare to the same category? Am I performing better in AOV, conversion rate or revenue?
  • Publishers: How does A publisher do in my program compared to other advertisers in my category?
  • Publisher types: How do my influencers compare to other advertisers in the same category?
  • Expanse advertiser: How is my performance in different countries compared to the competition?
  • International customers: How are competitors doing in the market in the countries where we are expanding, and how do we compare now?
  • International publishers: We recently agreed to an affiliate cooperation with a publisher with media reach in a new market. How is its performance trending compared to other advertisers in my category?
  • Indexed Growth: How fast is performance growing in certain regions or with certain categories of publishers for my competitors? How does it compare to my performance?
  • Historical Performance: How has my affiliate program compared year to year?
  • Year-on-year changes: How is my category developing compared to last year? Was the increase in performance due to seasonal trends or due to special events?
  • Publisher Comparison: What is the percentage growth/decrease in the different promotion types in my program compared to this time last year? Does it look different with my competitors?
  • Device Types: Has there been a shift in performance on mobile devices? How do device trends differ from my competitors?

How to get this important data?

It’s simple to get started:

  • See Benchmarking under Insights under Advanced Analysis.
  • Choose the category you want to compare your performance against, choose the information you want to view and how you want to view it.
  • Focus on data such as Revenue, Clicks, Effective Commission Rate (EPC), Average Order Value (AOV) and more.

You can view data for any historical time period, filter data by publisher, publisher classification (type, category), customer country, device types, and browsers, and display results and graphs with the flexibility of indexing, scaling, or cumulative trends. This revolutionary new Competitive Benchmarking: will allow you to get ahead of the competition. Compare the data and work with it, you will be on your way to success. Definitely a great opportunity only at CJ.com

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