All-time record in revenues and nearly 19 million euros from affiliate marketing - the end of 2018 in short |
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All-time record in revenues and nearly 19 million euros from affiliate marketing – the end of 2018 in short


The overall turnover of the e-shops on the Czech market in 2018 has, according to Association of e-commerce, grown by 17% and thus reached record numbers. In the last two months of 2018, Black Friday and Christmas shopping mania were again crucial factors for numbers in e-commerce. How these trends affected the results of affiliate programs in November and December of 2018? Read a short overview of the results in the affiliate network

Affiliate marketing helped the e-shops generate hundreds of thousands new orders online and brought revenues in amount of hundreds millions CZK in the last two months of 2018. The affiliate network in November and December 2018 mediated for the Czech and Slovak e-shops in total 262 585 orders. These orders brought the e-shops revenues in amount of 448 001 603 CZK (over 17mil. euros) and commissions for publisher in total of 19 375 781 CZK (around 745 000 euros). The numbers may modify in the course of these months due to updated data about the realized orders from the e-shops. 

The most successful day considering the sales revenues and commissions for the two above mentioned months was Black Friday (23.11.), just as in the previous year. The least successful was, considering affiliate marketing, was in both years 2017 and 2018 Christmas Eve (24.12.). The volume of orders for this day was about 5,5 times lower than the average for the whole period. If we look for a specific period with the best affiliate results, it was pre-Christmas shopping mania from 9 to 18 December

The all-time record in revenues was set in December

According to the reports from Association of e-commerce, on December 10 the sales of Czech e-shops exceeded 1 billion CZK (38,5 mil. euros) for the first time in the history.  It only confirms the trend of the past years when the customers started preferring online purchases over real stores. And did the record reflect in performance of affiliate marketing? Even in the affiliate network December 10 was the most successful day of the whole month considering sales. The number of orders of Czech e-shops reached 5 678 in just one day and they brought sales in amount of 8 637 432 CZK (332 000 euros).

For the whole period from November 1 to December 31, the average number of orders of Czech and Slovak e-shops was 4 305 per day, while the average value daily sales was 7 344 289 CZK (282 000 euros) and the average value of commissions paid to the publishers was 317 636 CZK (12 000 euros).

We strongly believe that also in 2019 the importance of affiliate marketing in the development and optimization of online business of our advertisers will be growing and we will do our best to contribute to this trend.

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