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Don’t want to have the same boring phone case as everyone else? Your phone can become your fashion accessory. Step out of line with a designed cover that you can simply and easily design yourself, completely free of charge. It’s up to you whether you want to put your favourite graphic on the cover or whether you want to keep a photo of your loved ones or even your dog with you at all times. There are no limits to your imagination. We use a special production method that protects your image from damage. High-quality printing will make you happy every time you look at your phone. In addition, the cover will reliably protect your phone from nasty scratches and from falling from up to 5 meters.

Program conditions:

  • 6-10 % commission.
  • 7 days cookies
  • SEM on brand and CSS partners are not allowed


  • S2S – DA
  • Universal tag – DA


Program conditions

Commissions: 6-10 % SEM:
Lenght of cookies: 7 days SEM on the brand:
XML feed: Coupon websites:
S2S tracking: Cashbacks:
Custom creatives: Redirect url:


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