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3 tips to improve your affiliate program with CJ functions


Do you know how to analyze your affiliate programs in CJ or how much time you save by planning your affiliate campaigns thanks to CJ Placements? And how important it is to plan your commission strategy properly? CJ constantly offers new possibilities how to make the most of affiliate marketing for your online business. Therefore we organize workshops for our advertisers and partners and provide them with materials and so we discuss with them the new CJ tools and functions in depth. We are now bringing you 3 basic tips for the advertisers to use CJ tools succesfully.

1) Don't worry about the analysis

Do you know how to work with new reports in CJ Insights? The tool is still quite new and we would like to share with you couple tips how to use it for successful analysis of your campaigns. All you need to do is search for "Insights" in CJ interface and generate simple overview of your affiliate program status. You can as well find agregated data from various accounts, such as in case when you have your account open in several countries. And you can finally filter any information you need.

Now you can already compare programs in terms of periods, select from different currencies or countries where the orders originated. You can as well compare in depth the partners involved in your program, commission payoffs, clicks and actions. CJ Insights offers the advertisers possibility to observe all the crucial metrics, such as average order value, return on ad spend etc.

What makes CJ Insights better from the previous reports? The new tool offers more metrics for your analysis, the reports load faster and newly you also have the option for setting the time zone. In the future, new functions are going to be added to the tool. 

2) Optimize your costs

Do you know how to set commission cathegories in CJ? CJ interface offers variety of options to make your campaigns and programs more efficient thanks to coherent strategy. The aim of the complexity for commission settings in CJ is to enable advertisers implement the best possible strategies for their affiliate programs that would, at the same time, motivate the partners to promote their products. 

There are many type of commissions in the system – foremost, there are commissions based on percentage from order value or fixed payoff. Nevertheless, there are as well less used alternatives of payoffs for the partners, such as remuneration per lead etc. All the commission types can be combined and diversified, whether according to the margin per sale for different brands, or special offers for purchase of products/services. The commission can also be specified by whether the goods are on sale or at full price, whether the buyer was an existing customer or a new one etc.

Motivate your partners to promote your e-shop

The commission settings in CJ are a great instrument to motivate your partners towards promoting your products, provide more space for your campaigns and actively help raise amount of your orders. There are many ways to obtain this, the best one is, nonetheless, use the perfomance bonuses. It means the advertiser can raise commissions for the partner in case the partner generates certain estimated amount of orders per month. Such bonuses definitely motivate your partners to actively help improving the performance of your campaigns. 

Do not underestimate cashback and coupon portals 

Cashbacks and coupon portals represent a huge advantage for the advertisers, because they possess large databases of users they can reach online very easily. For example, if you are planning to launch sale of niche perfumes with a very specific target group in the market, launch a brand new collection or even win new customers, these portals can help you reach your target customer easily. Cashback and coupon sites are particularly efficient for shorter campains or winning customers from your competitors. 

4) Plan your campaigns much faster thanks to CJ Placements

Have you already checked CJ Placements tool? This useful instrument enables advertisers demand and realize campaigns with the partners directly in CJ interface. Although advertisers and partners from Eastern and Central Europe involved in CJ network are still not using CJ Placements tool on regular basis, in USA and countries of Western Europe its use is nowadays very common. So what actually makes CJ Placements so useful? 

In CJ interface in the section "Placements" partners can newly enter campaing suggestions and advertisers can search among them and filter them by different cathegories. Whether you are interested in seasonal campaigns or different offers and sales, such as free delivery or coupon discounts, in CJ Placements you can search for partners that offer such campaigns and connect with them instantly. Partners can enter very detailed information, such as preferred banner type and format etc. After you realize campaign cooperation with the partner, you can search in reports which campaigns and partners performed the best in terms of order amounts and plan your next steps for cooperation based on results.

CJ is constantly opening to advertisers and partners new opportunities how to use affiliate marketing the most efficiently for their online businesess – CJ introduces new tools for precise analysis, helps minimize your costs thanks to diverse options for your commission strategies and mediates cooperation between advertisers and partners now even faster. By providing educational activities and materials, we want to introduce all these new possibilities to the advertisers and so give them inspiration for improvements in their affiliate programs. We believe it is the only way for the affiliate community to efficiently develop their online projects and so improve the stardards for affiliate marketing in the region.  


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