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Affiliate is perfect for companies selling goods, completing orders, or filling forms online. The Advertiser offers a reward (commission) for a desired action, such as a sale, subscribtion for the Advertiser's newsletter or a filled-in contact form acknowledging interest in a service (lead generation).



Insurance company

Services provider

How it works?


Become an advertiser

VIVnetworks Affiliate Network works with the biggest Czech and Slovak online retailers, deal sites, insurance companies, travel agencies, banks, etc. This means you can work with the Advertisers who generate the highest conversion rate and give you the opportunity to make high revenue.


Affiliate blog

We went to #CJFASHIONDAY in Paris!

On Thursday, April 26, 2018, we were the only Eastern Europeans attending the CJ Fashion Day, organized by our exclusive partner, the CJ Affiliate by Conversant network. As the name suggests, the event was all about fashion, and what better place for it but in Paris - the Mecca of fashion!

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Summary of the year 2017

Not only we organized several successful events, launched many exciting affiliate programs and expanded internationally, but we also won an award in an international competition. That was 2017 for VIVnetworks. Let’s have a look at the most important events of the last year.

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