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Affiliate is perfect for companies selling goods, completing orders, or filling forms online. The Advertiser offers a reward (commission) for a desired action, such as a sale, subscribtion for the Advertiser's newsletter or a filled-in contact form acknowledging interest in a service (lead generation).



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How it works?


Become an advertiser

VIVnetworks is an exclusive provider of the network in Central and Castern Europe. is the largest and most reliable affiliate network worldwide.

Our mission is to bring the best possible solutions to our advertisers, help them grow their online sales and connect them with the most efficient sources of orders.

We help the advertisers setup and manage their affiliate programs and provide help to publishers in local languages.


Affiliate blog

CJ Insights

In October 2018 CJ Affiliate introduced CJ Insights. This platform provides overview of key performance metrics in different languages and the opportunity to view the aggregated data across all publisher or advertiser accounts. Last but not least, Insights allow you to easily compare present and previous performance over a user-selected period of time.

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