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About advertiser

We are Queens and our mission is to dress people from head to toe. We bring inspiration and the most up-to-date products of the current world of sneakers and streetwear. We have been a proud retailer of sneakers, clothing and accessories with a large e-shop for 19 years. Streetwear. From head to toe.

Program Terms:

  • Cashback/Coupon – 6 % comision, 3 days cookies
  • Content – 10 % comision, 14 days cookies
  • Price comparision/katalóg – 7 % comision, 7 days cookies

PPC ads are not allowed.



  • S2S – yes
  • Universal tag – yes


Program conditions

Commissions: 6-10 % SEM:
Lenght of cookies: 3-14 days SEM on the brand:
XML feed: Coupon websites:
S2S tracking: Cashbacks:
Custom creatives: Redirect url:


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