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The company Hoppline Kft. was founded at the end of 2013. Following that, after one year of well-founded market and customer research the first Alinda webshop attended the Hungarian market in 2015. As a result of some years of hard work the company became one of the most determining performer of the Hungarian e-commerce market. For today they have reached 2,5 million visitors yearly only in Hungary, this number is still growing continously and dinamically from year to year.

Based on the success of the Hungarian webshop, Hoppline targeted the Czech, Slovakian, Romanian and Polish markets with opening webshops and customer service centers also for/in these countries.
In order to be able to give the best service to the customers, their marketing experts are continously monitoring and analysing customers’ demand, doing market and competitors research. These researchings help them in doing their best to set up the product sortiment/portfolio with the best possible price-value rate for serving their current and new customers.

To be able to keep high quality service in order management we keep huge stock from our products in our 12.000 m2 warehouse, that makes possible to fulfill orders with very short lead time (Hungarian orders can be shipped within 1 workday, other countries 2-3 workdays).
Thanks to our highly professional customer and logistics service, based on 7.000 customers votes/opinion we have reached 94% customer satisfaction rating and also get the „Reliable Shop” qualification.

As a result of our commitment work for our customers not only we have reached more than 6,5 million visitors and 2,5 billion HUF turnover in 2020 but also received the „Best service standard” recognition from Emag Marketplace.

Program terms:

  • 10% commission
  • 21 days cookie lifetime
  • SEM on brand is not allowed.



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