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Dreamwithus is 10DX Group bedding brand for European market and it has wide selection of bedding programs. It has more than 200 models of beddings available and adding new almost daily. Among them you will find bedding products for adults, children and babies. Most of the products you won’t find anywhere else, as Dreamwithus uniqueness is nowhere to find.

Dreamwithus is all about maximum comfort, even outside the bedroom. In that regard, some additional accessories for decorating other house spaces, like bathrooms, living room, children's room. As health is very important to everyone, all materials are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified.

We are the only ones offering an innovative premium line created in collaboration with the Dutch Space Museum and the Dutch National Ballet.

  • Best selling product: Duvet covers, sheets, pillows
  • Average order value: 74.00 EUR
  • Average conversion rate: 2.69%

Playerz - The best brain booster on the market. 100% natural and with 11 premium ingredients!

Playerz is a 100% natural nootropic to boost your energy, developed by players for players. Boost your performance and unlock the Unlimited You! Playerz will help you enhance mental performance by unlocking your brain’s potential – just like athletes need to enhance their physical performance, you need to take care of your mental health when it comes to gaming. Just few minutes after taking Playerz you will notice that you are more focused and alert, more motivated and procession information faster than ever! And what’s even better… without using any artificial ingredients.

At Playerz we are relying on pure 100% nature power. We combined 7 powerful plants, 3 vitamins and 1 essential mineral = Unlimited you.

And our experts managed to do all that with 0% sugar, 0% artificial additives and even 0% caffeine.

  • Best selling product: Bundle of three products
  • Average order value: 49.90 EUR
  • Average conversion rate: 2.5%

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