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Magdaléna Vojtová Program manager +420 277 775 869 (mo - fri, 9am - 5pm) offers only 100% original perfumes and cosmetics from the world's leading brands.

In our catalog you can find a huge range of branding toilet and perfume waters, decorative and hair cosmetics, skin and body care products at incredibly low prices.

Quality customer service and express delivery across the country.
Don't miss thousands of great deals!


7% of the sale amount of products for standard price
6% of the sale amount of products with discount

Commissions for cashback publishers:

​5-7% for new customers
3-4% for new customers

PPC and SEM are forbidden!

You can contact us at

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Good news for the Affiliate marketing

In the flood of bad news associated with the pandemy, there is some good news for the affiliate marketing. Why is the affiliate on the rise and taking the place of other paid advertising? Why do affiliate partners earn more? And finally, what's the good news for and their business?

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