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Maria Michałowska Program manager +420 277 775 869 (mo - fri, 9am - 5pm)

Modivo was created through our passion for beauty and fashion. Specially for you we have prepared a wide range of premium clothing brands inspired by trends and needs of clients. Carefully selected assortment, easy shopping, secure payment methods, fast delivery and 30-day free return period - buying at Modivo is pure pleasure. See for yourself!

Commission:  Standard 6%; Cashback 3.2%; Coupons 2.4%; Cookies: 30 days

Transaction acceptance conditions: The transaction is prepaid to the account before switching to the payment gateway. Transaction is accepted after verification of Google Analytics feed after "last click" and after verification on internal system (unpaid, canceled, returned within 30 days)

Authorized activities: Content, Display, Cashback, Voucher, Mailing

Unauthorized activities:

- It is not allowed to promote with SEM (PPC)
- It is not allowed to publish information on discount codes and promotions that were not reserved to the publisher.
- Content publishing is not permitted without the advertiser's prior consent
- It is not allowed to communicate about upcoming events without the advertiser's consent
- It is not allowed to place your own advertising banners, graphics (e.g. screenshots)

We have the right to terminate the cooperation within 7 days in case of non-compliance with the general conditions of cooperation and if the publisher has not submitted the proposed changes based on previous requests.


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