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Provision: 3% - 6%
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Magdaléna Vojtová Program manager +420 277 775 869 (mo - fri, 9am - 5pm)

With hundreds of thousands of places to stay around the world and 90 local websites in 41 languages, has it all.

Earn 3% - 6% commission on each accommodation booking, with the opportunity for performance-based incentives. Bookings are tracked by pixel and reported once the reservation is made and completed stays are batched in once per day for the previous day's completed stays. No commission is tied to the booking until it is confirmed as a completed stay.

  • Access to worldwide affiliate programmes and global hotel inventory 
  • International, multilingual programmes in multiple currencies regardless of the language of your site 
  • Frequent sales, deals & interesting promotions 
  • Access to highly detailed and advanced reporting with the support of a dedicated account team 
  • Voucher codes with competitive discounts to promote on your site
  • Access high converting affiliate tools, from deals widgets and search banners to data feeds and a deep link generator, to create highly optimized campaigns.


  • We do not pay commission on flights, group bookings, activities or any other line of business
  • Affiliates are not allowed to promote via Twitter, Facebook or Facebook Advertising without written approval.
  • Toolbars, browser applications and/or extensions are not permitted. Publishers wishing to utilize such tools will be evaluated on a case by case basis by
  • We do not pay commission on any transactions where a gift card has been used
  • Affiliates can only promote vouchers/coupons which are communicated by the affiliate team. Any other sales using unauthorized codes will receive zero commission

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SEM on brand
Discount codes
Domain redirect
Custom creatives

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