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The COVID-19 crisis is hitting many European countries badly. Thousands of innocent people are dying in countries where we would never expect it to happen, like UK, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium and others. We have never seen such crisis before in our lives. We, as many others decided to act and help as much as we can.

Here at ( in normal times we manufacture highest quality bespoke leather apparel. We try hard to keep the heritage of craftmanship and make the great belts, wallets and briefcases from best italian leathers, with attention to detail and highest care we can give. COVID-19 made all these efforts halted, it made us act and reset our all production to protective cotton face-masks. Due to cotton face masks supplied early to general public Czechs succeeded to flatten the pandemic curve and there are very few fatalities In Czech Republic. Compared to the countries in western and southern Europe, where the number of dead people is reaching thousands and tens of thousands, Czech Republic has few hundreds.

We believe masks and social distancing works. Help us spread the word to general public in your country. Couple months ago nobody could imagine wearing masks in Europe. Nowadays we all see masks as one of key elements of  public safety. 

Please help us change this mindset and save lives of people in Europe. We would like to ask you to support the idea presented on our website – "I protect you, You protect me". When all people in community will wear masks, we all protect our community and the virus will be defeated and slowed down quickly, as it was in other countries.

What we offer: is an artisan leather studio in Prague, Czech Republic. We produce highest quality bespoke handmade leather apparel for men. Our online shop offers great leather products from best materials.

Now we offer more than 42 types and sizes of face masks and face shields. We produce four sizes of face masks – for men, women and children as well as universal one size fits all. All masks are made from organic cotton, available in various colours, equipped with metal nose clip for a perfect fit. We have all in stock here in Prague and we are ship immediately – same day to all European countries. For orders over 40 EUR we provide free shipping.

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  • (USA ony) – 15% provision, 30 days cookie lifetime, SEM is not allowed.
  • ( UK only) – 7-15% provision, 30 days cookie lifetime, SEM is not allowed..
  • (Germany & Austria) – 7-15% provision, 30 days cookie lifetime, SEM is not allowed.


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