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Our attitude is encoded in the desire to be better all the time and to realize our own potential for a fulfilled life. We develop functional products with an original and pure taste. With Powerlogy products we want to show that less is more. The quality and pure composition of a product or even an entire lifestyle is more important to us than quantity. Therefore, we develop our own formulas according to our strict quality standards. We bring products to the market that are specific, with original, pure taste, but also with functional energy that is healthy and can be relied upon. In addition, our products are also gluten, lactose or soy free and thus suitable for various specific groups such as low-carb, paleo, vegetarians or even vegans and followers of the ketogenic diet.

POWERLOGY products do not preference any particular nutritional trend. That’s also why they appeal to everyone, regardless of whether you’re an omnivore, a paleo eater, a vegetarian, a vegan, a gluten-free person, or just function without dairy. POWERLOGY products are for everyone, but they will be especially appreciated by women, men, parents, athletes, entrepreneurs, managers, creatives or students who are looking for 100% quality and original taste without compromising on ingredients to support an active and productive lifestyle.

We believe that POWERLOGY products, even in small quantities, provide you with high added value and, thanks to their full flavour, give you healthy energy every day.

Program terms:

  • commission 10 %
  • cookies 30 days
  • SEM on brand and PPC is not allowed


  • S2S: YES
  • Universal tag: YES


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