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Femi.Eko® is a brand that has set itself the mission to create reusable and environmentally friendly menstrual products at affordable prices and easy to access for all women, regardless of education, salary or age.

What are reusable period products?
Our menstrual cups, menstrual panties, and reusable absorbents make all types of menstrual flow easily manageable and comfortable, providing protection also in case of urinary incontinence, daily secretions, and profuse sweating, while being a healthier alternative to the disposable products, such as disposable pads or tampons.
The sustainable range of ecological, reusable, and healthy products is dedicated to women with normal or abundant menstruation, teens, post-partum, after surgery/ abortion, and women who are going through menopause.  This type of products are more and more vocal and are not just a trend, but is an useful and comfortable way women can experience their monthly journey.

Around the World are 800 millions women menstruating at the same time. Considering that each woman is menstruating in her lifetime a total of 10 years continuously, using over 10000 disposable pads, think how much waste is generated by this and how much money are spent monthly. Plus, as a fact, a pack of disposable pads is having the equivalent of 6 plastic bags, and considering the ecological necessity of the modern society, the reusable Femieko products is the future for a better life on this Planet. Are you with us?

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