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About advertiser

Bohempia is an innovative and fast-growing company founded in 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic. They mainly produce barefoot shoes, sneakers, clothing and accessories made of hemp. Their main goal is to improve environmental and social sustainability in the fashion industry and restore hemp to general use. All their unique products are produced locally in small workshops in the European Union. They emphasize the quality of the products, the transparency of the production process and the fair conditions of the workers who make them. They are currently expanding from the Czech Republic to foreign markets, primarily to Europe, where they currently see the greatest potential. They have two large partners, one in the US and one in Japan, where their second store is also located.

What do they offer their partners ?

– Commission: 15%

– Cookie: 30 days

– SEO for the brand is not allowed


Program conditions

Commissions: 15 % SEM:
Lenght of cookies: 30 days SEM on the brand:
XML feed: Coupon websites:
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