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3dsimo – Creative products for not only kids but also DIY enthusiasts and professionals. The flagship product of the brand is 3Dsimo MultiPro – a small workshop that fits into the palm of your hand. This product has 7 functions: 3Ddrawing, burning, cutting, engraving, soldering, screwing and welding.

Another product is 3Dsimo Basic, a safe 3D pen for kids. Using this pen, kids cannot burn themselves and at the same the filament that is used is not harmful to health. Ultimate but not less interesting product is 3Dsimo Ki2, world’s first open source 3D pen that is great for 3D print enthusiasts or do-it-yourselfers.

Noyce Joyce – These unique products are made from noble materials and each part of them is also electronically functional. Thanks to this, you can build a functional RC toy car or home accessories that are both fun and beautiful. Assembling is only the beginning of fun.

This concept builds on the popular wooden building blocks and transforms them into the 21st century build.

Boffin magnetic – Electro building kit, that contains 58 parts, including LCD display or a microcomputer. This kit will bring you loads of fun with more than 200 projects. Starting from the simplest projects building up to the most complex. You start with building a traffic light, but over time you learn to build your own gameboy. Kit is from 8 till 99 years and it is always fun for the whole family. Electrical building kit of the 21st century.

Only products that we produce and develop internally are sold on the e-shop. Thanks to this, we can maximize product quality and speed of delivery. The eshop is simple and well arranged with the option to pay using a PayPal account or a card. Gradually we will continue to add other language versions, German, Spanish or even Japanese.

We are gradually improving the entire e-shop so that the customers can shop quickly, easily and comfortably.

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