How to launch your affiliate program

Do you plan to launch your affiliate program and you want know what it involves?

Read below the steps before you start. It takes about 2 weeks to launch your program from the moment you sign the contract.

7 steps to launch your affiliate program

1. Together we sign the contract.

2. We receive deposit from you seti for payouts to your partners and a fixed fee for accessing the network.

3. We set up your account in and you can design the conditions for your affiliate program (commission rates, cookies etc.).

4. You receive from us the tracking pixel that needs to be implemented and we will have it tested before use. 

5. You send all the materials such as logos sized 150×40 and 468×60, texts for informing newsletter (program and e-shop description), ad formats etc. 

6. You create an acquisition page with at least one link to partner registration and one link to the website of (see example)

7. We do the final check, launch the program and you will receive from us all the access details. As of this moment, we promote your program in all the channels - we send the partners in our network a newsletter informing about your program, take care of promotion in social networks through social networks, partnering servers etc.


That is it, your program is now running.


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