About CJ technology

Our company VIVnetworks.com is an exclusive provider of the technology CJ Affiliate by Conversant / CJ.com in Eastern and Central Europe. CJ.com is the largest and most stable affiliate network worldwide. Thanks to this technology, since 2009 we managed to develop the largest affiliate network in the region and provide its benefits to hundreds of advertisers and thousands of partners in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Therefore we can easily register your affiliate program in the CJ.com so you can immediately start selling your products online through over 35 000 partner websites in exchange for predefined commission. This promotion model brings high effectivity to your online sales.

The technology CJ.com brings reliable and safe environment for your online projects and precise calculations for your commissions. You can also simply monitor all your outcomes in the tool CJ Insights. The technology also guarantees you stability of a company controlled by the world’s leading stock exchange NYSE.

How does the technology work?

The affiliate network VIVnetworks.com publicly provides the technology CJ.com in form of a virtual marketplace. In this marketplace, advertisers enter with their offer to cooperate through their affiliate program on one side and on the other publishers (partners) register their portals, blogs, forums, Facebook pages etc. Publishers can then display the advertisers’ commercial materials on CPA (Cost per Action) model and get paid commission for the sale of goods or service. This model of cooperation brings the maximum possible benefits from the traffic on publisher’s website.

Why use the technology CJ.com?

  • You only pay for the performance

With CJ.com you rest assured that the payments are only processed in the moment where the customer finally pays for the order without further cancelling it. Your costs in affiliate marketing thus equal the cost for commissions calculated from the value of each order. Furthermore, you don’t need to take care about the commission payment, in CJ.com the payments are processed automatically upon precise calculation and regularly on time.

  • 100% transparency guarantees you precise data

The transparent tracking and reporting helps making the financing in online marketing and e-commerce companies transparent as well as helps the publishers estimate their value on the market. Therefore in the network you can watch in real time the performance of all your publishers. This includes precise information about which channels do your customers come from and which publisher helped generate the orders. You always know which code has been used for the orders and whether it has been approved in the affiliate network or not.

  • We keep your online projects safe

You don’t need to worry your product was promoted on inappropriate websites. As the only ones in Eastern and Central Europe we provide the sophisticated service Network Quality team, which is able to identify frauds and inappropriate websites and excludes them from the networks. It is an automated process the CJ technology uses to protect your business and brand 24/7.

  • You set your own commissions

In the technology CJ.com you can set different commission amounts for individual publisher groups, combine fix/commission payoffs and also estimate commissions for limitless amount of categories. For example, you can raise commission amount for partners who are bringing you the best results in a long term and thus motivate both the current and potential publishers to join your affiliate program. Such system enables you maximize the profits from your affiliate program.

Are you part of CJ.com in a need of advice or assistance? We recommend you check our blog or directly contact our team on support@vivnetworks.com.


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