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GO REAL EUROPE is fully automated platform capable of generating a customized itinerary for a trip around Europe and making it easy to book all hotels, transport, transfers, tours or attractions in a few seconds. 

Serviceable Area UNITED STATES

What we offer to travellers?

  • create and purchase a customized travel package
  • have all hotel, transport and tour & activities reservations done in one click
  • travel with a detailed itinerary, step-by-step detailed instructions and Lone Planet like history and sightseeing information
  • 24/7 trip planning assistance from a dedicated travel consultant plus emergency helpline

What a trip itinerary covers?

  • airport and train/bus station transfers
  • hotels, alternatively apartments
  • private guided walks and excursions
  • activities like hiking and cycling
  • public transportation tickets
  • travel between cities (train, bus, shuttle)
  • detailed Travel Directions & Sightseeing Information

Why Join Us?

  • Affiliates earn 6 USD for each lead, i.e. for an itinerary created on our platform (if a traveller creates x-itineraries in one session, we pay for one) plus 4% commission (about 150 USD) on each completed purchase. Our travellers on average spend 5500 USD per itinerary, meaning high commissions for you.
  • We have a planner that makes logistically perfect plans that our travelers love (see 5* reviews at www.gorealeurope.com)
  • Unbeatable product for travelers who do not want to spend more time planning the trip than on the trip
  • Access to Go Real Europe creative including banners and text links
  • 120-day referral cookie period
  • Real time tracking & reporting

We are here to help with any questions you may have.

Please feel free to reach out: podpora+gorealeurope.com@vivnetworks.com

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