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The BEFIT4US App connects ordinary Fitness & Sports Users with Fitness & Sports Providers, and is absolutely unique and revolutionary.
It will allow Users to find a perfect place to work out in LESS THAN 1 MINUTE – and they can get Free Entry Voucher, too!

Benefits for Users:

Easiest way to find sports facilities nearby, or anywhere in the world
Reliable user ratings
Easy navigation directly to the location
Free entry vouchers
Great for people traveling a lot
Completely free!

Benefits for Providers:

Becoming part of the biggest and best online global fitness database
New clients every month who will find and locate you
Revenues increase (drinks, supplements, memberships etc.)
Significantly lower advertising and promotion costs
Affordable monthly subscription

Who is the ideal customer?

Fitness Center / Trainer
Wellness Center
Yoga Center / Trainer
Golf Club / Trainer
Tennis Club / Trainer
Martial Arts Club / Trainer
Nutrition Advisor
Benefits for Affiliate Partners:

Partnership with the biggest online global fitness database
For each Provider who registers in the App and pays for the Subscription (1, 3, 6 or 12 months) you will get your commission: 12%. The longer the Subscription, the more you make!
30 days cookie lifetime
Global App: the whole world is your market!

Promoting with SEM is allowed.

Serviceable Area: UNITED STATES

Program conditions

SEM on brand
Discount codes
Domain redirect
Custom creatives

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