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Affiliate is perfect for companies selling goods, completing orders, or filling forms online. The Advertiser offers a reward (commission) for a desired action, such as a sale, subscribtion for the Advertiser's newsletter or a filled-in contact form acknowledging interest in a service (lead generation).



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If you'd like to become an affiliate Advertiser, you need to own a website with online forms, where users can fill in their contact data or e-shop with 'Thank You' page, where the pixel can be implemented to track the transaction.

If you meet these first two conditions, contact us and we will run your affiliate program as soon as possible. Please fill out all the information in the following form in order to prepare the best affiliate program based on your needs.

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3 tips to improve your affiliate program with CJ functions

Do you know how to analyze your affiliate programs in CJ or how much time you save by planning your affiliate campaigns thanks to CJ Placements? And how important it is to plan your commission strategy properly? CJ constantly offers new possibilities how to make the most of affiliate marketing for your online business. Therefore we organize workshops for our advertisers and partners and provide them with materials and so we discuss with them the new CJ tools and functions in depth. We are now bringing you 3 basic tips for the advertisers to use CJ tools succesfully.

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