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Banana Republic offers an exciting way for your customers to shop! Now you can shop Banana Republic and Gap faster by combining all items into one shopping cart and get free shipping. Publishers joined to the Banana Republic EU program will automatically receive commission on all items purchased on Gap EU as well regardless of whether you are currently joined to the Gap EU program.

Modern, covetable workplace style for professional men and women. Banana Republic is dedicated to helping customers achieve professionally and personally, and offers versatile work wear that can be styled for any occasion — from desk to dinner. Collections include clothing, handbags, jewelry and eyewear designs at accessible prices.

Banana Republic EU offers international shipping to 25 European countries and is available in English, German, Dutch, and Spanish. Please contact us if you're interested in promoting Banana Republic to any of the 25 countries that we ship to and we will strive to get you any additional tools that you may need to target these regions.

Please feel free to contact us at with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the program and we’ll be happy to help.

- The Banana Republic EU Affiliate Program Team

Please Note: Publishers are not allowed to use, purchase or otherwise incorporate the words "BANANA REPUBLIC", "BANANAREPUBLIC.COM", or variations or misspellings in the domain name(s) of Your Site(s). Please see our search policy below for complete details on our search policy. Publishers are NOT allowed to post on brand official Twitter or Facebook pages

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